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"All customers want to know how much their vehicle is worth and we want to increase our inventory from those trade-ins. With Accu-Trade, we increased 10 times the trade requests from our website. With the valuation tool, we can easily negotiate the final price depending on the condition of the vehicle by adding any condition such as replacing the tires, a lighted indicator, a scratch and even the smell of the vehicle! I highly recommend this product to all dealers."


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Dealers get stuck with vehicles everyday. It's a challenge to keep up with what to look for in particular vehicle common problems report.

Accu-Trade has launched the new Vehicle Common Problems report. This is based on data from some of North America's largest reconditioning facilities processing thousands of cars a week for the last 40 years. 

Would you like to have access to this data? (as well as our valuation, diminished value and reconditioning formulas)

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